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101 Learning Mall offers a wide range of after-school activities for your child, with a fantastic group of experienced teachers. We would like to invite you to try out our exciting programmes that best suits you.


Designed to inspire your child's imagination, motivate them through a wide range of fun, practical and sensory exploration along with exciting music, art, and languages activities.


Music is all about enjoyment! Let's play music with our passionate teachers that will spark your children's musical sense with a large selection of musical instruments.


Mandarin is an increasingly important language! Our native Mandarin teachers, will help your children to build a strong Chinese foundation through our developed course material.


Get ready to learn English through our fun and exciting programmes. Our native English teachers will help your child develop vocabulary and phonetic skills. The course will also help build on your child's presentation and communicational skills.


Art helps us visualise our thoughts in a creative and fun way. Our art studios are fully equipped with a large selection of paints, pastel, clays etc. Lets become creative today.


Get ready to move your body! Dancing can be one of best ways to train your children's sense of balance and help strengthen their muscles. Let's dance and enjoy every step with our professional dancers.


With an indoor concert hall and a 3000 sq-ft outdoor courtyard, 101 provides a relaxing environment for holding birthday parties, concerts and any other fun activities. We aim to make your special day an unforgettable one.


We welcome different organisations to hold related competitions, performances and exhibitions in the form of collaboration or renting. With the aid of our venue management, every event will exceed your expectations.


101 Learning Mall offers a wide range of after-school activities for your beloved children. Our centre is formed by a collective of experienced teachers, with expertise in a vast range of different fields. With fantastic Playgroup, Music, Art, Putonghua, English and Dance courses to choose from.
  • 2016

    In 2016, We are better than ever!

    We are glad to continue to grow further with excellent teachers joining our team this year, which will further boost your children's enjoyment of our diverse range of programs. All offered under one roof in our well-equipped centre.

  • 2013

    A wonderful place designed for kids!

    101 Learning Mall is the new flagship centre of 101 Education Group, which has over 18 years' of experience in the education field. We are located in the heart of Kowloon Tong, where we enjoy 12,000 sq-ft indoor space and a 3000 sq-ft outdoor garden.


Get ready to explore - Specially designed for 1-3 years old babies.

We strongly believes in "Learn through play". Our program is designed to inspire your children's imagination, motivate them through a wide range of physical and sensory exploration along with music, art, language activities. We focus on helping your children to learn independently, develop social skills and extend your children's attention span in a fun environment. Our playgroup is the great way to prepare your children for school.


Little Angel 6- 12 months

Enhance healthy, early brain development through the progress of fine motor and gross motor skills. Parent - child bonding is an important element to the development of a child. This course is a perfect place for that.

Little Expert 12- 18 months

Learn to share, socialize and interact with others. This course will help children to build concentration and confidence through play and different well designed activities.

Little Ace - 18 - 24 months

Focusing on communication, class routine and interaction through class activities. This class will build up their independence through designed tasks.

Little Genius 24+ months

This independent class is ideal for kindergarten training or to boost their confidence through English.


Fun & Joy Music - Expertise in exam and musical training.

Fun & Joy Music is one of the most famous music brands in all of Kowloon Tong, which provides professional musical training for all age ranges. Fun & Joy has been continuing its pursuit of excellence in music techniques and raising generations of musicians and virtuosos. (Fun & Joy Music has been a qualified ABRSM examination centre for 20 years.)


Grade 1 - 8 Piano (ABRSM)

We offer professional piano training for all examination grades of the ABRSM. As a qualified examination centre for 20 years, we are confident that we can help your child be proud of their result in the ABRSM.

Grade 5 Music Theory Course

This course will help your child achieve their goal through the ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory examination. With our experienced teachers, your child will aquire an understanding of all questions in a short period of time. (100% Pass Guarantee)

Piano Mentorship Program

Practice makes perfect! In order to ensure your child is performing right while practicing the piano. Our teachers are able to guide your child during their daily practice.

Aural Training for the ABRSM

Enhance the essential musical senses for the ABRSM examination, such as your listening skills, singing ability and sense of rhythm.

Others Instrument courses

• Piano • Violin • Viola • Cello • Double Bass • Recorder Flute • Trumpet • French Horn • Trombone • Clarinet • Oboe • Xylophone • Celesta • Percussion • Saxophone • Ukulele • Singing • Harp • Guzheng • Erhu • Dizi • Yangqin • Ruan • Guitar • Electric Guitar • Bass • Pop Drum • Pop Piano • Singing technique • Band training • Computer composing


Free your imagination - Build your children's sense of style & aesthetic.

We believe that every little artist has the initiative to explore their imagination, and that is why we are providing as many different medium as possible for them to explore and express freely.


Integrated Art Class (2.5 - 6 years old)

Experience different types of Art, and build up your child's art sense, through painting, colouring and 3D modeling with soft clay.

Elementary Painting Class (6-12 years old)

Enhance your child's drawing and painting abilities by learning different concepts, styles and techniques through the appreciation of a wide range of mediums.

Advanced Painting Class (12 years old +)

Build up an individual style through continued practice. From a sketched outline all the way up to your painted masterpiece.

Art Jam (for Everyone)

Free your imagination, create your own masterpiece in a relaxed atmosphere.


Guocui Putonghua - Let's learn Madarin together.

Guocui Putonghua provides a perfect language learning environment to every child. Our Mandarin native teachers are looking forward to sharing their joy of learning Mandarin to your beloved children. Join us and be a little Master in Mandarin. Besides, Guocui has held speech competition twice every year, which provides a perfect opportunity for your children to practice their public speaking.


Everyday Mandarin Programme (2- 6 years old)

This programme offers your child to practice Mandarin with our teachers everyday (Mon-Fri). We believe this is the best way for your child to pick up a language in a short period of time.

Baby Mandarin Class (2- 3 years old)

This class is perfect for a toddler, who is starting to learn Mandarin for the first time. Our experienced teachers will conduct fun and exciting classes with the use songs, games and different activities.

Mandarin Course (3 - 6 years old)

This course focuses on Pinyin, theme base learning and improved reading skills. We hope that your child has fun and cements their skills in Mandarin.

KPCC - Kiddies's Putonghua Exam (3 - 6 years old)

KPCC is one of the most famous Putonghua examination for children in Hong Kong. It's authorized by Tsinghua University. Our course is able to help your child get an outstanding result in their examination.

Speech Training (3- 12 years old)

Professional speech training is provided by an experienced teacher. We can develop your child speaking skills in front of people confidently. This is the perfect opportunity for your children to practice their public speaking.

Mandarin for Primary School (6 - 12 years old)

This course offer an effective way to learn and strength your childrens' Mandarin, in both Pinyin, speaking, will definitely help to improve students ability to deal with their school's Putonghua course or any other related subjects.

Chinese Reading And Writing Class (6 - 12 years old)

We strongly believe a good input is the key factor for any good output. Therefore, we will lead your children to read and annotate through classic essays, so that they can take inspiration for their own creative writing.


Learning by chatting - get ready to learn english by chatting and playing with our native english teachers.


Little Prodigy (3+ years)

Little Prodigy is a perfect way to help develop your child's understanding and excitement in English. This course allows your child to practice their English through conversation, vocabulary and phonetic building.

Little Einstein ( 4+ years)

This course focuses on phonetics, reading and writing. This will help develop a broader English understadning for your child. Little Einstein is suitable for Primary school preparation.

Little Scholar (6+ years Foundation)

This class allows your child to practice and perfect their knowledge of English. By using complex phonics and grammar, this is the best way for your child to become a Little Scholar.

Cambridge English (YLE) - Starters/Movers/Flyers

We are now pleased to announce our collaboration with the British Council to formally recognise our children’s performance and abilities. We now offer an even greater chose in helping your little ones progress in English.


May 2
May 2

Summer Adventures arrives @ 101 :)

We are proud to offer a unique Summer Adventure experience packed with exciting space activities. Explore space through English, Mandarin, Music, Art and Magic, which will be immersive and engage practical skills for our children. Date: May & Sept: Sat 9am -1pm only / Jun – Aug: Mon – Sat 9am -1pm Price: $600 per […]

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Dec 1
Dec 1

1219 Christmas Market Party

We are glad to share the joy of christmas with our students, the 1219 christmas market is a memorable event that we spend time to have fun with kids. Merry Christmas and Happy new year!! You may find the photos and video of the event by visiting our Facebook page, and Youtube channel.

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Oct 5
Oct 5

2015 Guocui Putonghua Speech Competition

Guocui Putonghua held Putonghua speech competition twice a year, which provides great opportunity for children to preform in front of public.

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Sep 2
Sep 2

The 40th Pentel Drawing Competition

“Pentel Drawing Competition” is one of the most famous drawing competition for children. Our Art teachers had prepared all you need to create your own masterpiece.

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